2021 was a dangerous year for Indiana drivers

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Millions of people drive in and through Indiana regularly, and most do so without any near misses, much less experiencing an accident. Not every commuter is so lucky, as drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and even pedestrians may become involved in a collision. A review of 2021 Indiana car accident stats might provide insights for those hoping to avoid a crash in subsequent years.

2021 and Indiana car crashes

2021 was not the safest year on record for Indiana drivers. In fact, the state saw an increase in car accidents from the previous year. Indiana was not alone with the dubious honors, as Michigan also experienced more vehicle collisions.

The sheer volume of crashes might shock those who commute in Indiana. The Hoosier State saw a total of 200,909 crashes in 2021, a 14.38% increase from 2020. More than 30,000 people suffered injuries in the collisions, while more than 800 lost their lives.

A comment from an Indiana State Police representative reveals a tragic fact about fatal collisions. Reportedly, about 40% of the people killed in 2021 were not wearing a seat belt. Shockingly, there is a slight downward trend in seat belt wearing in Indiana, although more than 90% of drivers wear them.

Dangers, negligence, and car accidents

Investigations of motor vehicle accidents may reveal that a deadly crash was also avoidable. Often, someone’s negligence contributed to a crash, with the lack of seat belt wearing worsening the incident.

Reportedly, distracted driving ranks as a top cause of car accidents in Indiana. That should not be too surprising since distracted drivers cause collisions throughout the United States. Some drivers insist on talking on the phone while operating a vehicle or otherwise doing things that take attention away from the road and hands off the wheel. They behave this way despite the risks.

Other risky behaviors include speeding, driving under the influence, and operating an unsafe vehicle. Such drivers could face dire civil consequences if their actions hurt another person. A civil lawsuit may even accompany criminal proceedings in some situations.