What To Do If Your Child Was In A Car Accident?

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As a parent, one of the scariest things is your child being involved in a car accident. In Indiana, there are certain steps you can take if this occurs. You will also want to file a personal injury claim if your child has suffered injuries.

What steps should be taken after your child’s accident?

Indiana motor vehicle accidents involving teens can be terrifying for parents. If your child calls you to let you know they have been in a collision, call 911 immediately. They need to talk to a police officer and report the accident. Your child can also seek medical attention when an ambulance arrives. Stress to them that they need to be examined in the hospital and not just at the scene.

If the vehicle is still movable, tell your child to steer it to a safe spot. If it’s totaled, they should get out of the car and move to a safer area out of the road. Unfortunately, some accidents are serious enough that it’s impossible for the person to exit the vehicle. If this is the case, your teen must wait for emergency services to arrive.

If your child is able to exit the vehicle and feeling up to it, they should snap photos of the scene of the accident with their phone. They must also exchange data like names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate and driver’s license numbers and insurance information with the other driver or drivers. They should also locate potential witnesses and get their information and statements.

You can contact your auto insurance company to explain that your child was in an accident. However, motor vehicle accidents in Indiana require a personal injury claim to be filed against the at-fault driver.

How to help your child avoid future accidents

Whether or not your teen was responsible for the accident, you should coach them on how to handle various situations while driving. It can better prepare them to recognize the warning signs and take measures to avoid an accident.

Motor vehicle accidents are common among teens. However, if your child was in an accident, it might not have been their fault. Regardless, you should be there for them every step of the way.