There Are More New RV Drivers On The Road. What Does That Mean For Everyone Else?

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In Indiana and throughout the nation, recreational vehicles are increasing in popularity. Rather than travel by plane, train or drive a passenger vehicle to their preferred destination, people decide to take to the road in an RV and enjoy the sense of freedom it provides. A common problem is the lack of preparedness in driving campers, motor homes and other vehicles categorized as RVs.

Certain factors contribute to RV accidents

RV accidents have various common denominators. Their challenges with road safety have been in place for decades. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that there were 75,000 injuries in RV accidents in 2012. A decade earlier, there were 70,000. Drivers who are taking to the road in their own vehicle to head to work, teen drivers who have just gotten their license and older drivers could all experience fear and frustration with RVs due to the clear risks they present.

RVs have blind spots, are hard to maneuver, require experience to know when to brake and are difficult to control. By law, RV drivers must be at least 21. Still, even if the driver is legally allowed to drive an RV, it does not mean he or she is skilled enough to do so safely. Approximately 10% of RV drivers are at least 55. This creates other possible dangers that come with being older, having diminished reflexes and declining vision. Among the problems with RVs are a lack of experience, older drivers, driving at excessive speeds, drowsy driving, wind impacting the ability to maintain lanes, overloaded RVs, trailers breaking loose, misjudging turns and blind spots. These issues should be considered after motor vehicle accidents involving an RV.

Dealing with the aftermath of an RV accident may require assistance

Accidents with RVs can cause severe injuries that are sometimes fatal. People whose lives have been changed physically, emotionally and financially because of an RV accident should know the available options to recover compensation for what they have lost, including filing a personal injury claim with the assistance of an experienced attorney